Serpent Manus

Serpent Manus is a ruthless and feared mechanical hand which was crafted by the brilliant blacksmith Druk Nergak. This augmented “hand” was crafted for the assassin known as Lester Rocksteady after he had a run in with a particularly angry K’Chain Che’Malle.

The Serpent Manus consists of a heavy steel housing which was crafted using dwarven forging methods. Piston driven claws are fitted to the top which were crafted from the talons of a giant falcon. The lower static claw is crafted from the antlers of an elk. In the center of the business end, resides a tunable +1 energy blade emitter. This dynamically tuned “blade” can take the length and form of any melee weapon.

Legend has it that a fully grown brown dragon was once vanquished with a single blow from this very weapon. Witnesses say they saw the beasts eyes explode out of its skull.

To top it all off, the Serpent Manus even features Lester’s lucky can opener.



Serpent Manus

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