Tag: Torsh


  • PaRtY ToWn

    Located in a different plane of existence known as [[Torsh | Torsh]]. "Party Town Mega Mix ":https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0&view=/pl/AMaBXykD79SEOY2XTQhLg9TuIlYYqm7JyeqTjQ48y0ZRHm39FIVvbls1Vfrxf3GKHoebahxnN26jL-cHzs7DsrBacbwmPRkYZg%253D%253D …

  • Aqua Genetrax

    [[File:326757 | class=media-item-align-right | 200px | bottle4.jpg]] A rare substance known to be used in certain (one, very specific) revivification procedure(s). The only known source is on the world of [[Torsh | Torsh]]. In some cultures it is …

  • Vermulian Dreamwalker

    Resident of the Tower Inviolate in [[Dahar]], Vermoulian is a member of [[The Silent Cabal]]. He once summoned members of The Bull, the Bastard, and the Blade to the tower and sent them to [[Torsh]]

  • Hramna

    Hramna is a street rat pickpocket from [Neshfal]. He has some really weird dreams about [[Amiel | Amiel]]. He once unsuccessfully pick-pocketed [[:kilmore-bichez | Kilmore]]. He is also a living worm god in the future. So there is that.