Thief Carlos

Pretty hot if you're into facial hair on a woman


Totally middle of the road. No plusses, but no minuses either. You want details? It’s all written down somewhere, man. Come back and I can help you another day.

Pretty good at shooting a crossbow, and pretty good at climbing up walls. Getting better at opening locks, but don’t expect that to just happen, man.

Last seen in Drumesh City


Thief was born in a hovel on the outskirts of Kopur. His parents named him Ringo, but they both died in a tragic tortilla factory explosion only 6 months later. The sisters at El Polla del San Carlos orphanage took him in and originally named him Jorge, but Thief was a hungry little boy. The wet nurse frequently woke in the middle of the night to find little Jorge suckling at her teets. When she locked her door he picked the lock, and when she blocked the door entirely he would scale the wall and climb through her window. His name was changed to Thief and he was locked in the attic at night.

About five years later it became fashionable for wealthy families in Mesburgel to adopt Ishtameshi children. The thieves guilds were stealing the children and selling them on the black market. One night a man named John broke into El Polla del San Carlos and made off with young Thief, but when he told his guild leader that the baby was named Thief he was told that he could not sell him. The guild leader said it would be bad luck to sell a boy named Thief, and that John should take Thief under his wing.

Unfortunately, John was a pretty shitty thief, and it took Thief a few years to figure out that he would be better off going solo.

Thief Carlos

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